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Do you need a hand?

Mixologist Supernumerary Robotic Arm (MSRA)

V1, 2022


Joseph Bejjani
Alexandre Lechartier
Viviane Blanc
Pierre Garrabos
Joao Barini Ramos

EMG, Haptic Feedback for Proprioception, Torque Motor with Encoder, PET-G (material used for 3D printing)

We present a supernumerary robotic arm that is centered in the chest, that allows people requiring extra upper limb mobility to enjoy the wonderful thrill of being a mixologist.

The price of usual supernumerary robotics arms is high, given that the challenge of having a full extra limb can be quite complex to design as well as to be controllable by the user's limbs.

In the demonstration, you will be able to see the Mixologist Supernumerary Robotic Arm used in grabbing and holding a glass, while pouring in juice to make a mocktail. You will have the great opportunity to be served by a numerically enhanced bartender.

The presented MSRA is an efficient design with its focus on grasping. This produced design is supposed to hold up to 2 kg, which is plenty for the task of mixology. It can be used by disabled people which would then enable them to be employed as bartenders.

This application is an example of a range of motion that the MSRA can mimic,  as it is a specific case study for the general  idea of object grasping for increasing independence. This main idea can further impact other applications that can help temporarily or permanently disabled people to increase their independence.

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