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Handsfree Crocs

Comfortable Rapid AutOmated Closing Shoes (CROCS)

V1, 2022


Vincent Philippoz
Alexis Faucheur
Arthur Salamin
Kilian Scheiwiller
Baptiste Ranglaret

2 actuators (plastic gear servo motors), 1 Original CrocTM, 1 flexible strap, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, On/Off button

We introduce CROCS, a device that aims to aid people suffering from disabilities. Classical shoes can be a source of discomfort for people who can’t bend over or use their hands to tighten their shoes properly. With our solution, we want to help disabled people put on and off their shoes without having to bend over or use their hands.

To be able to create this specialized shoe, we have encountered a challenging task, to make the shoes easy to put on and off without using one or both hands while still guaranteeing comfort and reactivity.

In the scene, you will be first given an introduction on the context of the usage, then a demonstration of the mechanism’s closure and reopening will allow you to witness a test by the presenters, with a bit of walking as well to prove the robustness.

By displaying the live telemetry of the shoe state during the presentation, we will be able to observe how the mechanism adapts to the pace of the user in order to stay comfortable. As we do not use our hands to open/close the shoes and can comfortably walk wearing them, it is completing the requirements of the project.

In the future, this technology could be implemented to a plethora of domains. From adaptable backpack straps to more comfortable splints, the only limit is the imagination! This kind of technology can be extended to different jobs that need both hands either clean or available (i.e. hospital personnel) for other tasks.

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