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Bringing tangible feeling to virtual reality environments with an immersive 3 degrees of freedom platform that can withstand a human weight

V1, 2022


Alexander Pisarewski
Neil Chennoufi
Fabio Zuliani

Aviation Plywood, Blue Tempered Spring Steel, Linear DC Motors, Arduino Mega Microcontroller, MPU6050 Gyroscopes, FX1901 Load Cell

We exhibit a 3 degrees of freedom platform able to support and handle human-scale loads in order to perform realistic interaction with a virtual environment.

To generate an organic and dynamic platform motion when there is a human-weight moving on top is a difficult challenge, and more so, if there is a need to give an accurate and real time feedback of a virtual environment

Through these presented platforms, you will be able to experience under one’s feet the feeling of skiing through a simulation in a virtual reality environment.

This type of human-machine interaction with human-scale loads will redefine how we use our body to interact with computers and how we can get immersed in virtual environments that will then be used, for example, when communicating with each other virtually.


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