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Interactive Chair

Tangible interaction of a VR environment through a 3-DOF actuated platform.

V1, 2022

Mohssen Hosseini, Alexander Pisarewski, Neil Chennoufi, Fabio Zuliani

Demo Duration: 


We present an Interactive Chair, a 3 degrees of freedom platform that is able to support the human`s back in order to perform realistic interaction with a virtual environment.

To generate an organic and dynamic behaviour that gives a realistic haptic feedback in a Virtual Reality environment is a challenging problem, which is one of the foci of the MIROS platforms.

During this demonstration, you will be able to try the feedback that this device gives, by sitting in the chair where the MIROS platform is attached and feeling the interaction through your back.

Thanks to this interactive and modular platform, one can perceive haptic feedback on a human-scale level, which gives a better immersion in Virtual Reality. A great fit, could be, for example, in a drone or racing simulator.


Chair, Human back support and strap, Aviation Plywood, Blue Tempered Spring Steel, Linear DC Motors, Arduino Mega Microcontroller, MPU6050 Gyroscopes, FX1901 Load Cell


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