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Look closely, what do you see?

Wearable Magnifying Lens with Rapid Autofocus

V1, 2022

Nathan Decurnex, Nicolas Nouel, Michael Richter, Erik Mortenson, Renata Osypova

Demo Duration: 


We illustrate a wearable device that is a rapid autofocus magnifying lens. We aim to improve efficiency of manual precision work, such as surgery or watchmaking, by providing wearable glasses that automatically and rapidly focus on the task of interest.

The design in such a device that centers on rapidly focusing on a target presents a complex challenge as it also requires a precise and absolute mapping between the distance to the target and the focal positioning.

During the demonstration, the user will be able to wear the monocular and look at any objects of interest. Our device will automatically adjust itself to provide a clear focused image for its user.

With this prototype, we demonstrate that it is possible to wear an optic that magnifies and focuses on objects in sight at several distance ranges, even if the user frequently switches the working distance.

This device can be adapted as a long range focusing tool for visually impaired patients, as well as nature observation, and even camera focus. This technology could also transfer to aid visually impaired patients in everyday life to comfortably see any object magnified and focused.


Laser Time of flight sensor, stepper motor, Arduino, PETG


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