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Interactive human artificial environment via a tangible object manipulation intelligent origami surface

V1, 2022

Neil Chennoufi, Xavier Dulex, Fabio Zuliani

Demo Duration: 


We introduce a Distributed sensor fusion and interactive stiffness control through a centralized scenario definition. This leverages the immersion in a tangible reality by bringing interactivity to human artificial environment. / Thus we bring interactivity to the human artificial environment to leverage immersion in a tangible reality to further interactions between physical and virtual entities.

To work with such a platform, much work has been put in the distributed control of the set of modules composing the large surface with actuators and real time sensory feedback of the whole surface to make centralized decisions.

In the scene, you will see the controlled movement of a ball on top of the presented origami surface through the usage of an interactive module.

Through the shown multi-scale interactive surface that is able to give and take sensory feedback, we build new bridges between physical and virtual realities for environment and human-human interaction, a first step in the redefinition of the human artificial environment.


Glassfiber, Kapton, Adhesive, Acrylics, Linear Stepper Motors, Microcontroller Cortex M4, Force Resistive Sensors


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