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Physical Twin

Bringing tangible interaction to everyday life through a human-scale multi degrees of freedom actuated platform

V1, 2022

Alexander Pisarewski, Neil Chennoufi, Fabio Zuliani

Demo Duration: 


We display a variable stiffness modeling used for stiffness interaction through a macro-scale high-load structure. Origami manufacturing technology used to process 2D materials into a 3D structure.

Creating an organic and dynamic interactive behavior is the main challenge in this work, one that if done right, allows humans to feel immersed in the virtual reality.

To work with such a platform, much work has been put in the distributed control of the set of modules composing the large surface with actuators and real time sensory feedback of the whole surface to make centralized decisions.

In the scene, you will be able to observe the mirrored interaction between a meso-scale module and a macro-scale one.

By creating and working in the shown fully modular and interactive surface, we reshape the way the human artificial environment is perceived, from a passive currently existing setting to a completely immersive and interactive artificial environment, and, thus, we shift our means of interaction with computers and with each other.


Aviation Plywood, Blue Tempered Spring Steel, Linear DC Motors, Arduino Mega Microcontroller, MPU6050 Gyroscopes, FX1901 Load Cell


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