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The Manumatic Bike

Dual-mode manual and automatic derailleur for hands-free bike shifting

V1, 2022

Adrien Jean Louis Chevallier, Pierre-Jean Renaud, Jules Édouard Dominique Thierry Sachot-Durette, Hugo Jean Witz, Karim Amr Abdelmohsen Zahra

Demo Duration: 


We present a device to be used when biking to give assistance and automation possibilities for cyclists to optimize their cycling cadence efficiency.

The main challenge is to allow dual mode, automatic and manual smooth gear transition, without replacing any bike component.

During the demonstration, you will see the bike hanging from a stand or on a stationary indoor training bench, and you will be able to turn the pedals and observe the reaction of the presented automatic derailleur.

This demonstration serves as a proof of concept for a fully integrable technology into road bikes that constantly tracks cadence and ensures that you’re always in the right gear. Just with small motors and sensors that can be easily attached onto the derailleur, we are able to use this device in any bike.

For all cyclists, this new technology will enhance cruising enjoyment with a consistent effort decided by the rider. For high level cyclists, It could serve for training purposes, like cadence drills, to rehearse movement patterns and develop efficiency.


Arduino, Accelerometer, Linear potentiometer, Hall effect sensor, Servo motor


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