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Angel Eye

A 3-DOF Robotic Eye that mimics human eye movements to capture images.

V1, 2022


Mohssen Hosseini
Ziqiao Wang
Neil Chennoufi

3D printing PLA, Servo motors, Camera, microcontroller

Parallel mechanisms have the advantages of high stiffness, high load carrying capability, good dynamic performances, convenient for modular design, easy reconfiguration and high precision. Therefore, they have received significant attention in the research of industrial robots, flight simulators and parallel machine tools. 

The interest in developing biomedical systems that mimic human eye movement has been growing, but to date, the attempt has been rare to successfully simulate the actual moving architecture of the human ocular system.

Implementing a device that mimics human eye movement with 3-DOF is a very complex challenge while keeping its size compact. We introduce the Angel Eye, a 3 Degrees of Freedom (DOF) Robotic Eye, that mimics human eye movements and can capture uncluttered images using parallel mechanisms while staying behind the camera’s vision.

This parallel structure can be used for various applications, such as compact sized applications, motion tracking camera systems, haptic applications (e.g.joystick), rehabilitation, stable and accurate robotic manipulations platforms. (e.g. laser control, camera orientation devices, robotic vision, medical devices and haptics).


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