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Creating a transforming robot capable of changing its shape to best adapt to new environments and unseen tasks.

V3, 2022


Kevin Holdcroft
Cristoph Belke
Anastasia Bolotnikova
Alex Sigrist

Maxon motors, hall-effect sensors, micro-controllers, shape-memory alloys, PTFE composite frames, custom electronics

Imagine a robot which can transform its own shape. These robots can walk like a dog across a floor, change into a robotic arm to move an object, and then roll away like a wheel. In particular, they are useful in areas where they have to adapt to a task or challenging environment, like space.

We introduce the Mori3, a robot capable of adapting to new environments and unseen tasks. The Mori3 consists of autonomous pieces which can connect together to form large, complex, and moving systems. By changing the way they connect, they change the shape of the overall robot, which results in new functionalities. 

This exposition demonstrates one of the many structures that can be constructed from Mori3. It shows that the modules are fully functional robots which can coordinate together to form a complete system.


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