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Third Arm - Super Bartender

Aiding a bartender with an extra robotic arm to prepare cocktails and deliver drinks & snacks

V4.0.1, 2022


Mustafa Mete (2020-2022)
Anastasia Bolotnikova (2021-2022)
Matthew Robertson (2019-2020),
Ozdemir Can Kara (2019-2020)

Electric motors, kapton hinges, paper fiber tiles, serial communication bus, Arduino, pneumatic gripper

In a dynamic world where we face challenging environments and tasks, we should better adapt our abilities to changing conditions. One way of achieving this adjustability is to augment human manipulation capabilities so humans can handle more complex tasks independently, promoting human autonomy.

With the motivation above, we present the design and control of a soft, lightweight, compact, and reconfigurable extra robotic limb to expand human capabilities. The proposed extra robotic arm enables users to do more complex jobs independently. Also, thanks to its reconfigurability and modularity, the arm can adapt to changing tasks and conditions.

Creating such a design and platform is a challenge for producing so many degrees of freedom in compact packaging that collapses completely flat while extending to enlarge the workspace when in use.

In the scene, you will see an extra robotic limb that extends the capabilities of bartenders or servers by additional grasping and manipulation abilities with the new collapsible robotic arm.

The presented extra robotic limbs will enhance human capabilities in daily scenarios, including manual workplace, sports, and art. 

Moreover, the proposed limb design and control strategy can be further integrated into assistive technologies by attaching to a wheelchair or a wall in a room.


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