ME 410: Mechanical Engineering Product Design and Development

Fall 2023

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Course Overview


Prof. Jamie Paik, Dr. Yuhao Jiang


Dr. Fabio Zuliani, Mustafa Mete, Dr. Kevin Holdcroft, Ziqiao Wang, Serhat Demirtas, Alexander Schüssler, Alihan Bakir, 

Dr. Hwayeong Jeong, Rohit Kadungamparambil John 



Study and nurture the creativity and decision-making processes in constructing solutions by being immersed in A to Z of product development. In-depth analysis of the operation principles, advanced meso-scale technologies, and production for their applications in wearables.



Study and explore design principles of the different mechatronic components and systems. We will cover in-depth meso-scale actuators, sensors, and platform construction methods. We will look at the design and working principles of various smart systems and 3D architectures in the current state-of-the-art at both academic and industrial levels. Half of the course is dedicated to understanding established design methodologies that dictate various product design processes. The final report and presentation should reflect the considerations made toward the covered methodologies.

Fall 2023 Project Overview

The Mouse, Revolutionised

A tilting mouse, whose movements get amplified and controlled by a set of motors, so as to make it less tiring for the user and permit feedback. A mouse has never been so comfortable. The future. In your hand.

Auto-Stabilized Baby Carrier

A baby carrier backpack stabilized with accelerometers and a motor to lower strains on the parent's back and comfort for the baby. 


Active knee orthosis to synchronize rowing crew members using haptic feedback. Optimize your team’s rowing performance with muscle memory.

Titi the Hugging Monkey

Want a friend that is always there for you? Titi the hugging monkey's pressure activated soft hugs are what you need.

Sally the Soft Sole 

Sally presents an innovative self-inflating soft robotic sole. It offers a personalized foot massage experience with adjustable pressure settings for optimal comfort. 

Smart Mechanical Noise-Limiting Device

This invention represents an encouraging step towards a quieter world and greater inclusion of this disability in society.