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Reconfigurable Robotics Lab

© Jamani Caillet_Mediacom EPFL 2022

Reconfigurable robots:
adaptive technology for dynamic worlds

How can we be more human while in harmony with our evolving world?


Adaptation is the adjustment of organisms to their environment to improve their chances of survival. The focus of adaptive technology is to promote human autonomy, not the opposite. We need the technology to assist, complement, and facilitate our changing needs in our dynamic world.

This exhibition highlights adaptive reconfigurable robots. Their system-level intelligence characterizes them through unconventional system designs and control, novel material components, and advanced manufacturing methodologies.

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Recent Publication Highlights

Advanced Intelligent Systems, June 2022 Front Cover


Soft Robotics, June & April 2022

Advanced Intelligent Systems, March 2022 Editors’ Choice

Advanced Science, Oct 2021

Extreme Mechanics, May 2021

Nature Machine Intelligence, Dec 2019 Front Cover

Nature, July 2019

Science Robotics, Oct 2017 Focus Article

Granted Patents

A soft portable wearable pneumatic interactive suit, filed 2020, granted 2022 @EU & US.

A planar pop-up actuator device with embedded electro-magnetic actuation, filed 2018, granted 2021 US.

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